Reliability for over 18 years has made the Labat name a world-wide symbol of quality and integrity, serving thousands of wholesale customers throughout the world with a wide range of products. Headquartered in Italy, we offer immediate audiology solutions. Excellent service, competitive prices and our commitment to quality have earned us a loyal and growing customer base. LABAT is already well known in the most parts of world especially in Europe and South American countries.

It was founded by Mr. Maurizio Brugnaro in 1991.

The company was started to provide a helping hand to the Audiology Practitioners including operational training & after sales support. Periodic calibrations of audiology equipment was an import part of activities to ensure that audiology equipment gives correct information to audiology practitioner. LABAT also represented two Audiology Equipment Manufacturers; InterAcoustics and Grason.

LABAT; over a period of time, realized the fact that end user expected/required a lot of flexibility to use audiology equipment. Keeping this need in mind Labat came up with the first PC Based audiometery solution in 1998. The platform is now being followed by all the manufacturers. Soon in succession Labat introduced its first Auditory Evoked Potential (AEP) System to record ABR, Middle Latency Responses (MLR), Late Latency Responses (LLR), and added the VEMP, ECochG, E-ABR and ASSR subsequently.

LABAT is recognized world-over as a name to reckon with in context of Audiology equipment. In order to reach out to users across world, Labat has opened a Subsidiary in India which would be catering to the technical & commercial requirements of the Indian and Asia Pacific region. Soon, Labat will be expanding its wings and reaching far flung corners of the world so as to serve diagnostic needs of people.


Company was and even today is an OEM manufacturer for many leading international brands/companies till recent times. It is also being approached by many other companies for OEM manufacturing. But now with company’s direct presence in large parts of the world; the LABAT brand is already well known, particularly in Europe and South American countries.

Labat- your partner in audiology

Labat has its specialization in the PC Based instrumentation. Taking advantage of Information Technology, we created a unique software; LAP (Labat Audiological Platform). This integrated software has common database for all the Audiological tests under a single patient id. It allows the user to manage various families of tests (Audiogram, AEP, OAE & Tympanogram etc)stored under one ‘id’ of the audiology patient, by just one click of the mouse. In an effort to provide complete Audiology/ENT solutions Labat is also developing a lot of associations with other companies. It has so far created Joint Ventures for domestic & international markets with leading companies in the field of ENT for:

  • Video Endoscopy
  • Stabilometry
  • Sound Rooms

Labat is also in the process of collaborating with international universities for further R&D activities and clinical studies support.