Product Features

1. Screening & Clinical.

2. Hand-held with re-chargeable battery.

3. TE OAE.

4. DP OAE.

5. Screening ABR

6. Automated ABR.

7. Connectivity to computer through software to download the Patient Data and also for taking

print outs. Also useful to upload protocols.

8. ABR with the facility of displaying the ABR waves on the LCD screen.

9. Alpha-numeric keypad.

10. User programmable protocols.

11. High resolution display.

12. Internal memory storage.


Download Brochure:

icon.pdf ECHOLAB_EN.pdf (186 downloads)

Test Possible

1. TE OAE (Transient Evoked OAE)

2. DP OAE (Distortion Product OAE)

3. AABR (Automated ABR).

4. Screening ABR.